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To inspire creativity with every sip.

Braven Brewing Company

“Bold like a buck & Crafty like a raven”

We created Braven to celebrate those who are Bold & Crafty®.
Artists. Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Risk-takers. Believers.

The Braven is a chimera of two powerful beasts that embody the creative community. The bold buck horns represent the courage to dream daringly. The crafty raven is the talent to manifest concepts into reality. The shield defends creative endeavors from naysayers and doubters. Combined into a single sigil, the Braven emblem is the spirit animal of the creative process.


We are proud to support these incredible arts institutions:

Braven Brewing Bottles
Where can I buy your beer?

Braven’s beers are available on draft in bars, restaurants, and growler shops and in 12 oz. bottles in grocery and package stores across New York City, Long Island, and Dutchess, Rockland, and Westchester Counties. Use our Beerfinder to see where Braven is sold in your neighborhood.

How do I get your beer outside of New York?

We're only distributing in New York right now but we're always looking to grow. Use the contact form below to let us know where you want to see us next!

I want to order your beer for my bar or restaurant. Who do I contact?

Please call 718-821-7200 or email to order our beer.

How did you get started?

Here’s an interview we did with that explains how and why Eric and Marshall started Braven Brewing Company.

Where are you located?

Our home is Bushwick, Brooklyn. We’re currently making our beers on a brewery system in New York State and working to build our own brewery right here in Bushwick.

Do you have bottles or cans of your beer?

Braven is available on draft in 15.5 gallon and 5.16 gallon kegs and in 12 oz. bottles, six-packs, and 24-count cases.

Are you hiring?

Sorry, we are not hiring for any positions at this time. Please do not send us your resumes.

What if I want to volunteer to help?

If you would like to help Braven in some capacity, drop us a line on our contact form below.

Will Braven sponsor my event?

While we are proud to be able to work with our current sponsorship partners, we are unfortunately unable to sponsor additional events at this time.

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Vinepair, November 2017
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Braven Las Tumbas – It would take an exceptionally out-of-the-ordinary stout to make a summer beer list, and Braven’s newest creation is my pick for exactly that.” – Shane Montero, @CarmineStreetBeers, June 28, 2017
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Braven White IPA – Don’t let the name fool you: it may be an IPA, but it balances its hoppiness with the refreshing, upbeat notes of a wheaty Belgian White.”, June 8, 2017
Phear Creative
By the Bootstraps, In Conversation with Eric Feldman and Marshall Thompson, Braven Brewing Company

“This neighborhood used to be the brewing home for the Northeast. There were over two dozen breweries in Bushwick alone [in the late 1800s]…we want to bring brewing back to Bushwick”

Phear Creative, March 23, 2017
Crain's New York Business
The City’s Booze Business is Back, and the Whole State is Catching the Buzz

“The original business plan for Braven Brewing Co. called for creating its Bushwick-style pilsners in the historic beer-making neighborhood.”

Crain’s New York Business, March 5, 2017
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Braven Brewing Company Launches New Spicy Stout Las Tumbas

“Smell the hints of orange, taste the rich chocolate, and feel the burn of habanero peppers to experience this multi-layered brew.”, January 31, 2017
Yahoo! Finance
Braven Brewing Company Launches New Marketing Campaign, “Celebrate Your Craft”

“The spirited campaign features a variety of Brooklyn-based artists and musicians and celebrates the tireless spirit of Brooklyn’s creative community.”

Yahoo! Finance, December 6, 2016
Queens Beer Festival: NYC Brews You Need to Try

“Pumpkin beers are fun, but if you're in the mood for something really classic, Braven's got you covered with its Bushwick Pilsner.”, October 12, 2016
Hamilton Alumni Review

“To anyone with a taste for beer, to talk to the Hamilton [alumni] microbrewers about their to long for the clock to strike happy hour.”

Hamilton Alumni Review, September 2016
All About Beer Magazine
Beer Talk

Bushwick Pilsner - “Hop flavor, mouthfeel and overall bitterness balance impresses. This is an excellent brew combined with most food. Well-brewed.”

All About Beer Magazine, July 2016
Paste Magazine
Braven Brewing Company Puts Corn In Their Beer. And Everyone Loves It.

“It lets us stand out just by doing something different, even though something different is actually traditional.”, July 6, 2016
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Brewery Spotlight: Braven Brewing Company

“It’s always an exciting opportunity to be involved with a brewery and rare to be able to invest in one that already has proven recipes, reliable distribution and a growing fan base.”, April 25, 2016
Braven Brewing Company Offers Equity to Investors

“CircleUp’s confidence in our business model and company shows investors that we’re a viable player in the competitive beer market.”, March 23, 2016
Building Braven Brewing #1: Bushwick’s First Craft Brewery is Born

“Part of Braven’s success is due to its founders’ tenacity.”

Vinepair, January 29, 2016
Braven Brewing Company Reviving Bushwick’s Brewing Past

“Braven pays homage to the past with its Bushwick Pilsner.”

amNewYork, January 3, 2016
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“This Bushwick-born brewery served one of my favorite beers [at Village Voice's Brooklyn Pour], a tough feat considering the sheer volume of brews one could imbibe.”

Gothamist, September 28, 2015
New York Times
Builders and Brewers Honor Brooklyn’s Beer Heritage

“It takes a lot of reminding these days to know that North Brooklyn was once the brewing capital of New York, and arguably America.”

New York Times, August 31, 2015
Yahoo! Food
Cool Beers for a Hot Summer

“Braven’s Bushwick Pilsner is based on the recipes that fueled Brooklyn’s Brewer’s Row”

Yahoo! Food, May 20, 2015
Bushwick Chef Churns Up Beer-Flavored Butter Using Braven’s White IPA

“People like beer, people like butter,” [Chef Miguel McDaniel] said. “So I combined it.”, May 19, 2015
We Will All Be Drinking New ‘Bushwick Pilsner’ from Braven Brewery This Summer

“Tears were rolling down my cheeks with joy when I heard that Bushwick’s very own...Braven has introduced their newest beer, Bushwick Pilsner.”, April 30, 2015
TimeOut New York
New Brewers on the Block: Bushwick is Getting its Buzz Back

“On a recent Friday, expansive Bushwick beer bar the Well hummed with hundreds of beer snobs toasting the release of Braven Brewing Company’s White IPA.”

TimeOut New York, February 5-11, 2015
Braven Brewing Co. | White IPA

“Aside from substantiating brand identity, this pair’s main focus is on bringing Bushwick back into the brewing game. And they have certainly caught our attention with their White IPA.”, February 3, 2015
Braven the Path to a Bushwick Brewery

“Focused on creating crisp, perfectly balanced ales and lagers, Eric and Marshall take Chris through how they came together to establish their own brewery from the bottom up.”

Fuhmentaboudit! on the Heritage Radio Network, February 2, 2015
Imbibe Magazine
Imbibe Magazine – The Imbibe 75 – 2014

“Marshall S. Thompson and Eric Feldman – People to Watch”

Imbibe Magazine, January/February 2014
The Entrepreneurs

“We meet two Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs rekindling a lost beer-brewing tradition”, December 11, 2013
Quick! Help Launch Braven Brewing Today!

“We tasted both, and we assure you, they are delectable.”, November 20, 2013
Raise a Draft to North Brooklyn’s Next Round of Craft Breweries

“Brooklyn’s beer scene is more robust than it’s been in nearly a century thanks to companies like Braven.”, November 15, 2013
These Guys Want to Bring Brewing Back to Bushwick

“Meanwhile, Feldman and Thompson handed out samples of their flagship brews, Braven Black and Braven White, which are both hop-infused [beers] that go easy on the taste buds. A certified beer judge (who showed up of his own volition) gave them his express approval.”, October 23, 2013